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Electrovoice RE 55 Vintage Microphone

Auction IMAGE - Omni directional Re-55 - Tested working perfectly - Very well looked after

Tannoy Guy Fountain Autograph Auction -(Sold)

Auction IMAGE - Dual Folded Horn Corner Speaker - Early model, 1950s - Single - Original Tannoy 15 inch Monitor Silver Dual Concentric drive unit. (SOLD)

For Sale One Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric Monitor Silver Loudspeaker

Auction IMAGE Original, including original x-over

For Sale One Tannoy 15" Dual Concentric Monitor Red Loudspeaker

Auction IMAGE Original, including original x-over

Used Audio Equipment - For Sale/Wanted Notices

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Items marked SENSIBLE OFFERS - to be made by the buyer - are available if the offer is accepted by the seller. Priced items are NOT negotiable. Before ordering please make inquiries to be sure the item is what you want. Please feel free to request additional pics.

Public Stats at the bottom of this page show over 5000 hits per month. Most reasonably priced items on this page do get sold. Place your 4 SALE-WANTED AD here - With your own contact details. From as little as £5 - More WANTED ADS can be found at the end of this list


W A N T E D ! MINT CONDITION CLASSICAL VINYL LP COLLECTIONS which were bought B E F O R E 1965. We appreciate the effort many sellers make by compiling lists of their LP collections. Unfortunately most of these lists are useless. Without viewing the LPs, their labels and especially their condition, it is impossible to make offers or to provide valuations. We do not get involved with "Valuations" for obvious reasons. At the end of the day any LP is only worth what somebody is prepared to pay. Just because an LP has been sold once or twice for X amount does not mean that all others will fetch the same price. Even the rarest LPs can take a very long time to sell for their top price. Example: Our Don Rendell - Ian Carr - Dusk Fire was snapped up in a dealer frenzie at a recent London record fair for 350 GBP - yet offers for the same LP on this website rarely exceed 100 GBP. We are happy to arrange viewing. Sellers are expected to quote at least an approximate asking price. We are unable to view collections outside the UK. More Info

W A N T E D ! Audio Valve Tester, Tube Testing Equipment

W A N T E D ! Rogers LS3/5A Speakers

W A N T E D ! PYE Corner Speakers Model HF25/SC (IMAGE) and PYE HF25 Valve Amplifiers - VERY GOOD PRICE PAID !

W A N T E D ! INTERESTING OLD AUDIO EQUIPMENT. Without viewing the items in question it is impossible to make realistic offers or to provide valuations. Happy to arrange viewing. Sellers who are unsure of the condition or value of their equipment are expected to quote at least an approximate asking price.


W A N T E D ! VINTAGE MICROPHONES: Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Electrovoive, STC, etc We are happy to arrange viewing. Sellers are expected to quote at least an approximate asking price. We are unable to view items outside the UK.

For Sale

AA00. Thorens TD 124 MK1 Turntable - Very early Swiss made with cast iron platter    Make an offer   

A00.Electronic Components,Capacitors,Fuses,Spare Parts, All New Stock - Please Email For Delivery Costs   

A01.JBL Control 1 Miniature Monitor Speakers, brandnew, boxed,£67.50 Pair Free UK Delivery.   

A02.USB Turntable - USB Record Player, brandnew, boxed,£97.50 Free UK Delivery. Very few left at this price.   

A03.For a large collection of quality home audio speakers, go for the source that you can always trust! Go for The Speaker Company!   

A04.Tannoy 15" Monitor Silver - 15" (38CM) Dual Concentric drive unit fully working, 100% original with matching original X-over, original HF diaphragm.    available £3250      

A1. Tannoy Guy Fountain Autograph (IMAGE) - Dual Folded Horn Corner Speaker - Early model, 1950s - Single - Original Tannoy 15 inch Monitor Silver Dual Concentric drive unit.   Sold

A2. Quad 34/306 - Preamp - Poweramp - Combination. 1991 Model. Superb condition. This bargain had been sitting on this page long enough. VC is testing alternative selling methods. It sold on EBAY in less than 12 hours.   

A3. Radford FMT2 - Stereo FM Tuner. Transistor. Hand built analogue circuitry. No PCBs. Appearance matches Radford SC-22 Preamp or STA-15 or STA-25 Valve Amplifier. Excellent condition. Quick sale £SOLD   

A4. SME 3009 - Series 2 Tonearm. Detachable head shell. Metal knife edge bearing. Side entry connector enabling low profile plynths. Very good original condition. Damper fluid for arm lift needs top up. High quality closeup pics available by email. £SOLD - One of these arms, an earlier version with vertical cable entry is still available - mint condition £395 photos available via email   

A5. T+A Delta 30B - German Audiophile Speakers, 32x18x42cm. As a precaution against decay the foam surround on both bass units has been treated with Copydex. This has not altered the sound of the units, which remains tight and impressive for their relatively small size.Bargain £40 Pair   

A6. Audix W60 Microphone Mixer Amplifier with add-on slave mixing rack, 11 transformer balanced input channels in total - 19 inch rack size. Professional 1970's unit. Poor man's Neve ? £SOLD   

A7. Quad 34 Moving Coil Input Modules Two different values available. Input sensitivity shown in photos. £30 each- SOLD   

A8. Lowther PM6 Speaker - Top Quality Replacement Foam Surrounds Unused. Rare! Only one pair available. A must for refurbishment of these vintage drive units. £45 Pair   

A9. Shure VN-15E Stylus Assembly - Original Boxed Replacement Stylus for Shure V-15 Cartridge £SOLD   

A10. Tascam MS 16 Analogue Multi Track Recorder- One Inch 16 Track Format - Sensible offers over £1000 (1001 is not considered sensible)   

A11. Goodmans - Pair 10 inch LF Speakers- Red Alnico Magnets - Rare 1950s units, Low price £50 pair SOLD   

A12. Quad 33 and 303 - Classic stereo preamp and stereo poweramp. Transistor. Hand built analogue circuitry. Reliable and in excellent condition. No reasonable offer refused.   SOLD

A13. For Sale: Ferrograph 633H Tape Recorder Details: 3.75 / 7.5 / 15 i.p.s. 3-head Semi-Pro 2-track mono machine in perfect condition. With 8.25 metal reels. Owned since new with all manuals / certificates: 100.00 (N. London) Contact: Stephen on 07836 214 023 or (private sale)

A14. Shure M95 ED Cartridge, Hardly used classic cartridge. Comes close to V-15 quality. GIVE AWAY £ 20 SOLD   

A15. Quad 303 - Classic stereo poweramp. Transistor. Hand built analogue circuitry. Reliable and in excellent condition. Superb condition   £SOLD

A16. Tannoy York - Corner Speakers - Pair - One 1950s model, One 1960s. Both with original Tannoy 15 inch dual concentric drive units. Sensible offers are invited for the pair. The sale of each enclosure individually is a possibility.   Withdrawn From Sale

1. Decca FFSS Adaptor The one and only option for fitting FFSS Heads to SME or similar tone arms. Comes with its original SME box. £95 SOLD   

2. Garrard 301 Turntable - Oil bearing - Cream - Strobe platter - Original rubber mat - Hard back manual. Absolutely superb condition. One very faint dust bug shadow. £375 SOLD   

3. SME 3009 Series 2 improved tonearm, fixed head shell, perfect condition £160 SOLD

4. Quad II Valve - Tube Amplifiers Serial No.60529 & 59841 , + Quad 22 Valve - Tube Preamp   No. 46073   + FM1 tuner,  Built in 1965, No modifications, Original GEC + Mullard valves - tubes, £975 for the set.SOLD Following item is still available: A matching pair of Quad ELS Speakers , Clean Bronze Grills, excellent & working. Only sensible offers for these speakers will be considered

5. Nakamichi 1000 ZXL  Cassette Recorder. Dolby C. Remote. Rosewood case.  1 careful owner. Full service history inc recent full service by B&W. £995 SOLD

6. SME 3009 Series 2 Tonearm - Non improved version - badly rewired armtube usable with external wires, hydraulic lowering device works manually, good bearing, hence only   Sold

7. Spendor BC1 Monitors. Original series Serial Nos 11121 and 11122. Two spare HF units and stands are included.£240 pair SOLD !

8. Gauss  5840 Speakers Professional 15" Low Frequency. Ventilated 4”  voice coils with double spiders. 500 Watts program each. (Our one and only pair of this model !)Sold

9. RCF L15P06, 15" Speakers, Professional, Low Frequency (Similar to JBL K140 but much better, non perishable cambric edge) Ventilated 4” edgewound copper voice coils, £240 the pair SOLD(Our one and only pair of this model !)

10. Goldring Lenco GL 75 Turntable. This is one of the best machines for playing old 78 rpm records. The speed is infinitely variable from below 16 to above 78 rpm so you can hear performances in the right key – tempo – pitch. Turntable in great condition -  Headshell and weights are missing hence it’s going for the silly price of   Sold

11. Altec Lansing  511 Horns (500HZ) Original HF component of Altec's world famous Voice Of The Theatre System. Matching 808B  1” Alnico compression drivers £295 pr SOLD

12. Audiorama 7000 Speakers: Top End of Grundig's 1970's spherical speaker range. Two 32 cm diameter satin black globes on chrome stands. Stylish appearance, superb omnidirectional sound. Each unit contains twelve perish proof quality drive units (4xLF + 8xHF) £595 pair

13. Gibson Melody Maker Vintage 1960’s Electric Guitar, 2 Pickups, Cherry Red Sold

14. Yamaha B2 classic stereo power amplifier, large, heavy construction, each channel has its own massive power supply, European Model, recently serviced, workshop manual supplied  SOLD

15. HMV portable 2-speed 33/45rpm rec.player,internal valveamp & spkr, mint Sold

16. Ferguson portable 4-speed record player, 16/33/45/78, 1957 Model 393 Fortune, rolltop case, internal valve amplifier & speaker. SOLD

17. Goodmans 12” Twin Cone Speakers Axiom 201, mint pairSold

18. Connoisseur transcription tonearm, integral lift, needs re-wire £10 SOLD

19. GEC KT-66 Valves-Tubes, selection in original boxes, some unused, sensible offers only

20. Amcron-Crown DC150A classic stereo power amplifiers, 2x150 wrms each, bridged 2x 300wrms     the pair, 19” rackmount, great condition, ideal for 2 way bi-amping - superior seperation in stereo setup etc.  £ ? pairSOLD

21. RCA 4 x Jan CRC-6L6 Metal Output Valves -Tubes (One is labelled ‘RAYTHEON’ ) Set £60

22. Goodmans 2x12” Vintage Drive Units, Axiom 201 full range twin cone, mint Sold

23. Leak Stereo 20 Vintage Valve Amplifier, Varislope Preamp, Troughline Mono FM Tuner, Gold Enamel, Brown-Gold Perspex Front Panels.  SOLD

24. Pickup Cartridges:Various Shure, Ortofon, Goldring, Stanton etc. from £10       

25. Vintage mono system: Leak TL-12+ poweramp, Leak Varislope preamp, Lowther Mini Acousta/PM6 MK1  hornloaded speaker complete. Will split!  SOLD

26. British Hi-fi Yr Books.Complete Set 1956–80. Excellent condition.Offers over £500 SOLD

27. German Hi-fi Yr Books.1970,724 pgs £25.1969,332 pgs £15.1967-8,436 pgs £20.

28. Hi-Fi Choice Test Reports - All 52 Softback Issues – 10000 pages bristling with detailed equipment reviews. Exhaustive laboratory & listening tests & technical specs & descriptions of every conceivable piece of classic audio equipment available in the UK between 1975 and 1987 – Very Rare, especially as a complete set . Copies of individual reviews are available at each +postage. SOLD

29. Decca FFSS mono pickup head, sound original condition, has not been refurbished   £50--SOLD

30. JBL Horizon 3-Way monitors,12”LF, Cast frame Alnico Drivers, refurbished prSOLD

31. Celestion G12 Speakers, pair 12” Blackbacks - more responsive than Greenbacks (Heavy duty cab free to buyer able 2 collect) £200

32. JBL   4x  2405?   hornloaded HF bullets,  all four  SOLD

33. Thorens TD124 Mk2 turntable - SME 3012 Series 2, plynth +cover. A1 condition. SOLD

34. Mullard  4xEL37  output valves-tubes KT66 Compatible, mint SOLD

35. ADC Magnesium Head Shells, Used, SME Type Bayonet, Clean Gold Pins, £10 each 

36. Garrard 301 Spares: Original 50 HZ Pulleys: 2nd hand £20, each SOLD

37. Garrard 301 Spares: Original Idler Wheel: 2nd hand, excellent condition £30 SOLD

38. Garrard 301 Spares: Original Spring Mounting Assembly. New £ SOLD

39. Garrard 301 Spares: 4x Original Chrome Mounting Bolts + Brass Nuts. 2nd hand £20 

40. Garrard 301 Spares: Original Hardback Manual, 2nd hand £25 ORIGINAL SOLD BUT COPY STILL AVAILABLE

41. SME Arm Board for Thorens TD124, Black Perspex, 3012/II £30---SOLD

42. Replacement motor for Thorens TD 124, 2nd hand £ Sold

43. Thorens TD124 Chassis, motor + main bearing stripped - most other parts are there, including a perfect aluminium sub platter and a clean rubber mat SOLD

44. SME 3009/3012 Spares: Original perspex base mountig plates, 7mm thick. £10 each

45. Rogers JR 149 Cylindrical Speaker, not a pair. One only available without its ribbed foam cover. Good KEF drive units. £95

46. Vintage 12" Alnico Speaker, BTH - British Thomson-Houston, Type D, Form PM,Cat No: 10814, SOLD

47. Goodmans Axiom 300 Vintage Full Range Speaker,one only available, 15 Ohms, Twin Cone, Mint,Low Price £95---SOLD

48. Goodmans Axiette 8 Vintage Full Range Speaker,one only available, 15 Ohms, Mint, £60 SOLD

49. Tannoy Spares: 2" H.F. Diaphragm for 12" & 15" vintage dual concentric drivers, £75

50. Tannoy Spares: 12" Cone Surrounds, Repair perished 12" Tannoy HPDs £40 pair

51. Fane Vintage 301 HF Unit, One Piece Only,8-15 Ohms, Red 17000 Gauss alnico magnet, Mint

52. Thorens TD124 Spares: Blank Mounting Board fits SME 3009 - Rega or any standard lenght arms, Satin Black, As new £25

53. Exposure  Classic Audiophile Amplifier, 3 units  XI Preamp, VIII Poweramp, IX Dual power supply, Near mint, boxed  SOLD

54. Wharfedale: Super 8/RS/DD Speaker without box 1960's corner box,10/15 Ohm, £55

55. Fender Bandmaster Valve Head, late 60s silver face, pre CBS circuit, new set of vintage Sylvania 6L6 output valves £395 SOLD

56. SME SPARES: Various main counter weights, riders and tracking weights. From £20

57. SME SPARES: Original kit for converting 3009/3012 arms from vertical to horizontal cable entry via Phono - RCA sockets. High Grade SME cable with gold plated plugs. Easy fit - just bolt and solder old wires to phono sockets in the new base with fully screened can. Ideal for shallow plynths. New £100

58. SME SPARES: 3009/3012 Screening Can £10

59. SME SPARES: 3009/3012 Prototype series armrest with aluminium tube holder £20

60. Goldring Eroica High Output Moving Coil Cartridge, Perfect, no stylus wear. £75

61. Thorens TD 124 Spares: Top quality 13 layer marine ply mounting board for TD124 turntable and SME 3012, matt black formica top, 43.5 x 53 x 2 cm £50

62. Turntable Platform, Rata UK, spiked, matt black veneered balsa wood 45x37x2 cm, SOLD

63. Mains Conditioner, 4 hard wired outlets, fused, with Superclamp 13 Amp UK plug and Russ Andrews braided mains cable, 160cm long, £25 SOLD

64. Steel Shot, high density, for filling hollow speaker or equipment stands. Two buckets £15. Only for collection from NW London

65. Quad Acoustical QCII, pair of mono valve preamps £150 pair

66. Jason Switched FM Valve Tuner, 1956 mono, requires external power supply, £10

67. Quad Acoustical Pickup Adaptors for 22 Valve Preamps,1xType AE and 2xType £ 30 each

68.Ampex 456 - Grand Master, Reel to Reel Tape. 0.25 in, 2500 ft, 10.5 in. hub, reel not included. Brandnew - This is not old sticky stock! £ 15 each

69. Scotch 3M 996 - Music Mastering, Reel to Reel Tape, 0.5 in x 2500 ft, 10.5 in Metal Spool. Brandnew - This is not old sticky stock! £ 25 each

70. Ortofon OM PRO Classic Phono Cartridge, Moving Magnet, Mint condition. £ 25

70. Shure N78S Stylus Assembly for 78rpm Moving Magnet, As New, Original USA. M-44 cartridge body included. Disregard N44E Case - used for photo display only. £ ? SOLD

71. Garrard 301 Turntable - Early Model - Serial No.15129 - Grey Hammer Finish - Grease bearing - Excellent condition - Two small dustbug blemishes - Black non strobe platter - Original rubber mat.   SOLD

72. Portadyne Vintage Portable Record Player - Mono - Integral Valve Amplifier - Speaker - £90   

73. Garrard 301 Operating Manual B/W Copy Early 1 Star Edition For Grease Bearing Types - With all the exploded drawings and part lists and a reduced size mounting template £7 plus delivery   

74. New Phono Pre-Amplifier £29.50, Low-noise preamplifier with RIAA equalization Convert phono output from turntables to Line level suitable for conection to AUX inputs, PC soundcards etc Powered by 9V battery or mains adapter (not included)


W A N T E D ! Goodmans Axiette 8-MK1 - Red alnico magnet - 4 or 16 Ohms - Good price paid for mint examples



W A N T E D ! OTARI MX5050 MK3 8-Track Tape Recorder

W A N T E D ! MULLARD GZ34 Rectifier Valves with metal base

W A N T E D ! SME 3009/12 Weights - Parts - Broken Arms

W A N T E D ! TASCAM Nab Hub Adaptors, quarter inch or one inch

Quad Product History, Serial Nos & Production Schedules. All models 1953-1992. £5

Vinyl Cleaning!Antistatic Carbon Fibre Brush £4, Ioniser Cleaning Kit £8

Professional in-house vinyl record cleaning and analogue tape restoration service available!  POA.

Ebay Madness Worthwile examples of buyers loosing the plot can be listed here, in the hope that it will spread awareness that many small websites sell relatively rare items for fair prices. Here it is, a half-full tube of genuine Garrard grease -- enough to last a lifetime. Box shows its age, but still useable and hardly anything to cry about. The winning bid in this contested auction -£26.00. Should we charge £100.00 for one unused tube of main spindle grease in the sealed original Garrard box ?

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