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Celestion G12 Speakers

Celestion G12 Black Back Guitar Speakers - Original Pair - Not Re-Issues - Better sounding than Green Back

original celestion G12s
celestion vintage speakers
celestion blackback
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Here is an example of what other people think about Celestion G12s: "The speakers are one of the most important things when getting a good tone. Some models of speakers will make an amp sound terrible when another model will make the amp sound amazing. I have 3 4x12 cabs. One loaded with Celestion G12-65 speakers, Another loaded with pre rola Celestion G12M-25 Greenbacks and another loaded with 1976 G12M-30 Blackback speakers. They all sound great but for different sounds and with different amps. The greenback cab sounds terribly distorted with my Orange AD140HTC head but sounds amazing with my Marshall jcm 800 2203 head. You would be amazed how much your tone can change by switching the speakers. My favourite speaker for distortion is the Celestion G12-65 speaker. I took a set from a 1980 marshall cab and loaded them into my Orange 4x12. But If I'm using my Marshall I will use the Greenback cab. Next up for distortion is the G12M-30, 30 watt blackbacks. They sound really good distorted but are smoother and have more mids than the G12-65 speakers. For Clean The Greenbacks and the G12M-30 speakers are the best.If you have the chance try as many different speakers as you can so you can find the tone that makes you happy"
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