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Jazz Record Label Listings
Well researched site covering details of even the most obscure jazz record labels. Those in boldface are maintained by members of the Jazz Label Listings Project mailing list. The others are not officially connected to the project. They are listed here just to have everything in one place. Be sure to check the excellent listings at Both Sides Now for anything else - although if it's not here, it's mostly non-jazz stuff. Also, for thousands of 78 rpm issues (jazz and non-jazz)
Collaborator Search
Songwriting Resource
Lost In Tyme
Discover Obscure Records - Quite Amazing What You've missed
Decca versus London Labels
In-depth study regarding the mystery surrounding the controversy of the apparent sonic differences between these pressings produced by the Decca Record Co. Ltd.
Allmusic Website
AMG's extensive classical content has been a well kept secret for too long. The new allmusic brings pop music and classical music content together into a single site so that you'll truly be able to explore allmusic.
Testament Classical Vinyl Re-Issues
Testament licences recordings from EMI, Decca, Universal Classics, the BBC, WDR, SFB and remasters them for release on compact disc (CD) and LP. The Testament website has a searchable catalogue and an on-line store from which purchases can be made.
Audio Asylum
Audio recommendations from audiophiles and free vinyl discussion forums. Ask questions and get advice on stereos, speakers, hi-end amplifiers, pre-amps, home theater, tube hi-fi, turntables, vinyl, tweaks, music, films, video, DVDs and more. A personal Audio Advisor with tons of stereo equipment reviews. A special place for music lovers.
Vintage Radio Notice Board
A virtual radio shop that has mysteriously moved from the past to the web. The shop keeper lives in England and is particularly fond of crystal sets. Visit The Vintage Radio Emporium for old radios, reference, noticeboard, quiz, galleries and more.
Vinyl Engine - Turntable Resource
The Vinyl Engine brings you pictures, technical information, manuals and articles from around the world. Bristling with superb Audio Links.
SME 3009/3012 History
High quality photos/description of early SME's,TD 124's etc. Looks like a true labour of love.
Audio Dictionary
Definitions to various audio related words and phrases.
Audio Web Links Page
Links Page from the above resource
Transferring LPs to CDR
Page of notes describing transfer of LPs to CDR with particular emphasis on the restoration of WAV files on hard disk. LP Restoration, LP Declicking, WAV file cleanup.
TNT-Audio HiFi Buying Guide
Aims to give a useful hand to fellow audiophiles on a budget who are in the market to buy their first HiFi system or to upgrade an existing one, mainly having a look at the second-hand market.
TNT Audio
A Comprehensive Audio Resource including hiFi magazines, hifi tests, hifi reviews, hifi, audio hi-fi, listening tests, stereo equipment, cd players, amplifiers, turntables, hifi tweaks, loudspeakers, music, interviews etc.
Classic Audio.Com - Vintage Specialists
Featuring a Superb Equipment Valuation Page for Classic Audio Equipment and related information i.e. McIntosh, Nakamichi, Bang and Olufsen, Luxman, Scott, Pioneer, Marantz, Sansui, Harman Kardon, Yamaha etc.
Audio Jumble - UK Site - Vintage Audio Sale + Wanted Ads
To place an advert, free of charge, please e-mail advert details to: Only adverts concerning hi-fi and radio equipment or similar will be accepted.
More Music.Co.UK Record Collecting Resources
SWEET MEMORIES VINYL RECORDS UK - 17000+ rare records - 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s.
POPSIKE.COM - Rare Records Auction Results
Information for Vinyl Record Collectors
Collector's site specializing in 45rpm vinyl records
Turntable Resource
Worldwide Pro Audio Directory
Flashback Sales. UK Based Supplier of Hard To Find Audio Hardware - The ultimate music portal
Violinists Directory, Discographies etc.
Verve Records Official Website
BBC Radio: Listen to Jazz, Classical etc.
Vinyl History Link
Restoration of Records and Tapes
The focus of this article is technique, the extent to which tools are required is determined by budget and the amount of work to be done.
Creative Music Recording Website
Informative website for people with an interest in sound recording, equipment and related issues.
Google Websearch Features
In addition to providing easy access to more than 4 billion web pages, Google has many special features to help you to find exactly what you're looking for. Click the title of a specific feature to learn more about it.
Radio Museum.Org
72.500 Old time radios, Schematics, Radio Catalogues, Forums etc.
Vinyl Record Collectors.Net
Vinyl Record Collectors site is educational and has in depth information on Vinyl Records. Great for children wanting to learn about inventors such as Thomas Edison and his discovery of the phonograph etc. The Gramophone Magazine, over half a century in the business, described by itself as The World's Best Classical Music Magazine.
Audio Tools
Contact details for more than 2600 audio manufacturers, distributors and brands in addition to thousands of links to all kinds of homepages, products and companies that operate in or around the hi-fi field. A very interesting analysis of original recordings and recent re issues. Fascinating stuff.
Ampex Tape Recorder Museum
Dedicated to preserving the history of the most important manufacturer of magnetic recorders,the Ampex Virtual Museum provides online access to Manuals, Schematics, and Service Bulletins, Repair, Maintenance, and Modification Tips, Parts and Repair Sources, Catalogs, Sales Brochures, and Similar Literature, Pictures of Ampexes, Ampex history, Audio Clips of Interviews with Former Ampex Employees, Alignment Instructions.
Home Recording .Com
Knowledge center for anyone interested in recording and mixing their own music CDs and MP3s in their own home recording studio
MusicMoz Open Music Project
Selection of 268 Vinyl Links including many sales of private collections
More Music
From Rock CDs to Techno vinyl they stock a wide range of secondhand music. Many rare and out of print oldies, most stock is refreshingly cheap. Online since 1997, trading from Wales in the UK and ship worldwide.
Specialist UK HiFi Search Engine
Blue Note Labelography
Audiophile USA
Large USA based site. Plenty of interesting vinyl and other audio products.
All About Jazz.Com
All About Jazz, a magazine for Jazz fans by Jazz fans. The premier Jazz site on the Web. Informative and timely yet entertaining and fun, it offers all fans the opportunity to express their opinion on a variety of jazz and jazz-related subjects
Spin Auctions.Com
Australian Website for Music Collectibles - Specialising in Original Australian Vinyl Records.
Tube Electronics London
UK repair specialist for audio equipment including electronic restoration of vintage amps.
Pink Limo Hire
This limo has an audiophile sound system. Listen in style to your favourite music on the move.
Open Reel .Net
Japan based company specializing in vintage tape recorders and accessories
100s of interesting links to Music Resources
Hifiworks UK
UK based audio enthusiast dealing in Valves, Vacuum tubes, Audio, Turntables, Micophones, Audiophile Radios, Tannoy, Leak Amplifiers Speakers Valves, Pye, Lowther, Quad, Mullard, Radford, G.E.C, Dynatron,Williamson, Decca,RCA, Armstrong, Marconi, BTH, Heathkit, Ortofon, Pamphonic, Rogers, Sound Sales, Shure, Western Electric, Westrex, Turntables,Lockwood, Goodmans, Vitavox, Western Electric, STC, EMI, Warfedale, Stentorian.
Vintage radio site,UK based,includes list of audio repairers
Analogue Classics SME PAGE
SME Tonearms - Quality Pictures and Info.
Vantage Audio Reference Systems
Several quality pages for SME tonearms - Many other brands of audio with quality pictures and Info.
Sound Scape Hifi Singapore
High-end Hifi - Lavardin - Living Voice - Jan Allaerts - Isenberg Audio etc.
Tannoy Autograph Website
Anbody who fancies building a pair - here is all the help you need
Building Electrostatic Speakers
Great photos including many showing the development and building of modern ELS
UK Vintage Radio
Deals with all aspects of vintage radio repair and restoration
Simply Speakers
USA based loudspeaker repair company. Reconing, repair, restoration, parts
AES Pro Audio
USA based. Sale of restored professional recording equipment,vintage Neve etc.
Retro Hifi
UK based. Interesting list of private for sale ads of 60s,70s,80s equipment.
Wholesale Music CD's
US based.Offers a wide range of CD and DVD collections at wholesale prices from closeout, overstock and bankruptcy media products.
US based website of the Author, Artist, Engineer, Inventor, Photographer, Collector, and formerly Director of Acoustic Research at McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. and the Originator of McIntosh Loudspeakers.
US based.Fine Vintage LPs and Journal of Recorded Music
Vintage Audio History
Illustrated with useful information for collectors
Oaktree Enterprises
US based. Interesting site, sells vintage audio,instruments,clocks etc.
Tannoy History
Dutch site with extremely well researched and detailed technical information on vintage Tannoy speakers
More Tannoy History
To find it - go deeper into the site. The precise URL is too long to include here.
Used High End Audio Sales
Singapore Based dealer in expensive HiFi equipment
German site with many useful links to music software etc.
The Treasure Trove
Dutch site - Interesting stuff
Thorens TD 124 Resource
Dutch site - Run by the same guy as above - Very well put together
CIH Equipment Repairs
USA based.In business since 1993 providing quality, cost-effective service on Casio, Create, Crown, igitech, Fender, Gibson, Gallen-Kueger, Korg, Mastin, Levey, Roland, Yamaha etc
Vinyl Net
One of the UK's foremost collectable vinyl record and cd stores with over 45,000 items currently online.
Audio Amp Schematics
Circuit diagrams for many rare amplifiers etc.
Tannoy History
Comprehensive description of all models up to date
List of Best Audiophile Recordings
A list of musical gems
Radiocraft Directory
Alphabetical List of Vintage Audio Suppliers and Services Useful info for Tannoy collectors
Tannoy Monitor Gold
Article from 1965 High Fidelity Magazine
Reproduction Tannoy GRF
Interesting pages from a dedicated Tannoy enthusiast
Tannoy Tannoy Tannoy
Comprehensive Dutch site about vintage Tannoy speakers
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