Step by step guide of how to search Vinyl Connections lists

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With exception of the main catalogue (longlist.htm) most lists are in MS EXCEL. These are sorted by catalogue nos. You can copy & paste an entire list as a web page to a new MS Word doc. Click the top of any column with the black arrow.  With A-Z Sort in Table Menu  you should be able to sort lists by composer  or other criteria as specified in the separate columns. If your search is not for a specific classical label, rare violin or jazz,  use the link in the white box  a the top of the home page. This list contains the largest number of  available Classical LP’s from Vinyl Connections.

Please note:  New additions are often made in one of the selected categories i.e. Rare Violin, EMI SAX or  Jazz Latest Entries etc. and can therefore not be found  in They will appear only in the lists for a specific record label or in one of  Vinyl Connections more recent pages containing various record labels ie. Rare Jazz- Late Entries or Classical Auction etc.

Search Tip

1. Ensure you are at the start of the record list to be searched

2. Press Ctrl+F  (or select ‘find’ from the ‘Edit’ menu with mouse click)

3. Enter search criteria (artist name etc)

4. Use ‘Find Next’ button to step through entries containing your search criteria

5. When you have reached the end of the list, you may enter different search criteria

Remember to reverse the  search direction  to ‘up’ and step through the list backwards

Example: To search through the many LP's containing versions of Beethoven's 9th type in "beethoven: symphony 9" (Don't worry about lower or upper case letters but REMEMBER TO INSERT THIS : COLON SYMBOL FOLLOWED BY ONE SPACE IN BETWEEN WORDS ) Clicking the "Find Next" button will take you through all available records of this work until the end of the list. For a search of Beethoven's 5th, simply change the digit 9 to a 5 and click the direction to "up". Searching for single words such as Artist's Surnames or Catalogue Numbers is fast and easy. Formatting of the list is uniform - although random typing errors are inevitable. If in doubt, copy + paste words or strings from the list into the "Find what" window + test if the word(s) get located.

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